Princess Indigo

I am Ice and Fire. Darkness and Light. Heaven and Hell wrapped up in the same moment.

A Kinky English Kitten with a Whip. I will Seduce, Enslave and Torment you. So Delicious, so Deadly, so Devastating.

This Flame Haired Transgender Seductress seeks new victims. A Sensual Financial Succubus who will Invade your Dreams, Rape your Wallet and Break your Heart.

Pure Feline in personality. Sweet Seductive and very very Deadly. How can you Resist?

My Kinky specialities include Orgasm Control, Tease and Denial, Humiliation, CBT, Financial Slavery, Forced Feminisation, Sissification. Welcome to your new world you little bitch.

I have a Wicked Fascination with intelligent well mannered shy guys/sissies. I love gently Teasing apart their shells and Devouring what I find inside.

Call Me Princess. This is not a request.

What do you offer?
I offer kinky yahoo chat sessions. I cater to a variety of fetishes including Tease and Denial, Discipline, Humiliation, Forced Feminisation, Sissy Training, Chastity, CBT, Financial Domination, Food Fun and also wicked Role Play games. I also offer Erotic Hypnosis sessions which have become extremely popular! .

How do I arrange a session with you?
Send Me an email telling me a little bit about yourself and what sort of session you’d like. The more information you can give Me, the more both of us will get out of it. Also be sure to put the subject of your email in the appropriate box to show yours is a genuine enquiry as I recieve an awful of spam.

When are you available?
I am usually free most weekdays and some weekends from around 8pm GMT, up until midnight. I can do sessions later than that if requested.

How much are the sessions?
Sessions are charged at $60/£30 per hour.

Are you a soft domme or a hard domme?
By nature I am an empathic Domme, that is I respond to the person I am doing a session with. My moods are entirely different with each individual slave as they all bring out different sides of My personality. I do enjoy the sensual side of Domination, but I also have a very Wicked streak. Whether its Pain or Pleasure I want you to Ache for it. To Beg for more or plead for Me to stop.
What sort of session turns you on the most?
Tease and Denial sessions are My favourite, preferrably a long session of two or three hours to push the slave right over the edge and rock their little world. I also love doing erotic hypnosis sessions!
How should I prepare for the session?
You should be naked and on your knees when the session begins. If you wish you may also have any toys you play with or something you’d like to wear as the session progresses. When the session begins you will address Me as Princess.
How do I pay for my session?
Payments can be made by Amazon Giftcard, Giftrocket or I can bill you directly. Sessions are payable in advance.

Do you do artwork and writing commissions?
I do digital Femdom artwork and Fetish Illustration. You may order an exclusive series of picture of Me Dominating you in a fantasy of your choosing. Similarly I can write a detailed version of your fantasy for your personal pleasure. Illustrated stories are also available.

Turn offs and Boundaries

I have no patience for rude and ignorant slaves. If you behave like an asshole I will ignore you or block you. If you repeatedly pester Me for attention or try to get Me to change My mind when I have clearly said No it will only piss Me off. Also if you clearly havent taken the time to read My site and find out more about Me I will not be impressed. Treat Me like a real person, Show Me Respect or fuck off.
Can I see what you look like in real life?
No, you will not see photos of Me and neither do I do cam sessions. My real identity and personal life are kept private. Being the Princess is My own fantasy brought to life, if you do not wish to share it go somewhere else.

Do you meet slaves in real life?
I do not meet slaves in real life. If I take a great personal liking to you it will be obvious to both of us. Otherwise the subject is off limits.

Do you do sessions where you are submissive?
Although I am attracted to Dominant Women, I have no interest in dominant males. Arrogant men who have no great talent, wit or intelligence to be arrogant about are a huge turn off for me. There has only ever been one man who has been worthy of my submission, you are not him.

Some people who persue the submissive path have had difficult and even traumatic experiences. Fetishes can be a liberating and cathartic way of revealing ones vunerable side to someone you trust. It can help heal deep scars that cannot be reached elsewhere. However it is not a path for everyone.

For some people persuing these fantasies can be self destructive. Making whatever personal issues they have even worse. I do like to play very rough sometimes but I am not a monster. If you find playing these games a genuinely upsetting or disturbing experience then it is better for both of us that you seek another way to deal with whatever personal issues you have.


Orgasm Control Games – Tease and Denial, Milking and CBT by Princess Indigo

Princess IndigoOrgasm Games – Tease and Denial, Milking and CBT

by Princess Indigo

It is a badly kept Secret that I love Tease and Denial, and other Orgasm Control games. I love having you Desperate and on your knees Begging permission for just a few tiny strokes.

The longer we play these games for the better they get. I love ordering you to touch yourself all over your body to open up as many different Pleasure centres as possible. To flood your Burning body and obsessed submissive brain with all those sexy little hormones. The more turned on you get the deeper your submission and Desperation will be.

I love saying No. I love the superb feeling of Power it gives Me. I love having you beg and beg only to be refused just a simple touch. Knowing you’ll feel an overwhelming Ache of Desire each time I Deny you the right to touch your own body.

I love Denying Orgasms most of all. I love driving you right to the Edge of Pleasure and then saying No. Leaving you hanging there Burning. Your head spinning, body on Fire, mind gone, completely at My mercy. I can do it for hours. I love to drive you Crazy. Knowing that when I finally grant you release the results will be Explosive.

At the other extreme, Milking and Forced Orgasm games are also a favourite of Mine. Forcing you to Cum and Cum, saying My name over and over again. I love pushing your Sexual Thermostat all the way into the Red zone. Taking you somewhere you’ve never been before. I love to Corrupt a new Victim. Making you My own personal Orgasm Addict. Making your body Burn white Hot in total all consuming sexual Surrender to me.

I know many of you Kinky little fuckers are Addicted to Ruined Orgasms. I can be such a Bitch. Turning you on and on, stoking the Fire more and more and then suddenly stopping.

Making you Slap yourself across the face to Spoil the moment. Instead of saying goodbye I’ll dismiss you with a torrent of Verbal Abuse that will make you want to Crawl under a rock afterwards. Soon enough you’ll be Burning to go through it all again, each time becoming more and more Addicted to My Evil torments.

I am the Wicked Princess Indigo, I can be Sublimely Sweet but I also have a much darker Sadistic streak. Masochistic slaves bring this part of My personality right to the foreground. I love playing Cruel CBT games. Ordering you to Slap yourself hard between your legs is such a Delicious fucking Rush. Making you Squeeze yourself until it Hurts, Hurts so fucking Good. I want Tears you little fucking Bitch.

Whether its Pleasure or Pain, where ever I take you, I want you to know that I Own you. Body and Soul.

Princess Indigo


Financial Domination by Princess Indigo

Financial Domination

by Princess Indigo

I Want your Money! I am a Kinky Flame Haired Transgender Princess. I deserve to be Worshipped, Adored and above all SpoiltI want your Money piggy. I want you naked, on your knees with your Excited cock in one hand and your Credit Card in the other. I Want it All piggy. Every little penny that you have. I am going to Rape that little Wallet until the Tears are running down your face. I am Sensual Seductive and Sweet but I am also Cruel Manipulative and very Greedy. I am an Avaricious Princess and I want your Money piggy! All that Money on your bank statement Belong to Me! Give Me Everything you have you spineless little bitch. I deserve to be Rich and you deserve to be poor. In your heart of hearts you know its true piggy! You dont deserve the Money that you’ve got, I should have it! What are you fucking waiting for? Spoil your Princess! Get out that Wallet bitch, its time to Pay.

Princess Indigo

Wicked Games For Horny Little Pay Piggies

Countdown Edging Game
An orgasm control game. The opening stake is $10, which initially allows you 10 strokes of your cock. Every round the stake goes up by $10 and the strokes go down by 1. Until the stake is $100 for 1 stroke. If you reach the tenth round I will allow you to cum sizzling hot encouragement from Me, otherwise you will be denied!

Double Or Quits Game
An orgasm control game. The starting stake is $10. This is a five round game, with each stake I allow you to tease your cock a little bit more without cuming. Each round the stake doubles. If you get to the end of the 5th round you get to cum as a reward otherwise I will deny your orgasm and send you packing.

Total Humiliation Game
A humiliating orgasm control game for pay piggies. You pay a $400 entrance fee. After that I will torment you and let you play with your cock until you are right on the edge of orgasm. Then I give you a choice between an extremely humiliating forfeit or paying another $400, to be allowed to cum.

Forced Feminisation by Princess Indigo

Princess Indigo

Forced Feminisation

by Princess Indigo

Become My helpless feminised little bitch. Be ordered to wear a pair of pretty little Knickers, I know how much it makes your cock hard you little Panty Boy. I know you keep having cross dressing fantasies. Have a Girly make up session with Me, get that lipstick on Girl! Be my devoted Sissy, dressed in Cute lovely Frills with Ribbons in your hair. Perhaps you cant hold in your Femme side any longer and need to be guided through full on Feminisation, let Me help bring out your inner Girl.  Be it Yahoo Sessions talking to Me in your Female persona while wearing a lacy pair of panties, Feminisation assignments or starting a blog or twitter account under your new identity. I can Coax or Force your Female side into the daylight. Discover your true destiny as a Panty Slut, Sissy Maid or even a completely new Female you!

Princess Indigo

Key Holding by Princess Indigo

Princess Indigo

Key Holding

by Princess Indigo

Do you Crave to have your little cock locked away in a Chastity Cage? To have all your future Pleasure completely Controlled by Me? To become totally Owned by a Flame Haired Transgender Goddess? Do you Yearn for Me to be your Keyholder, to be entirely subject to My Law? I love to make you Burn with Sexual Frustration while your helpless cock is locked away in your cage. A constant reminder of My Absolute Power over you. Your life will revolve around Serving and Worshipping Me. You will have to Strive to Please Me if you wish to released from your Confinement.

Are you brave enough to become My Imprisoned little Chastity bitch?

Princess Indigo

Humiliation by Princess Indigo


by Princess Indigo

You’re a little fucking maggot who isnt worthy to lick My Royal boots. You’re nothing but a rag for Me to wipe My private parts on and flush into the sewer. Have I got your attention you little fucking cunt? You’re nothing but another bank account for Me to empty, another whining little heart for Me to break. As I’m driving My new Rolls Royce away, your life will be in ruins and you’ll be in the gutter with all the other vermin. As the tears are running down your little bitch of a face, I wont even remember your name.

Princess Indigo

Role Play Sessions by Princess Indigo

Princess Indigo

Role Play Sessions

by Princess Indigo

My elaborate Role Play sessions are where the two of us get to create a Kinky private world together. Our own Dark Erotic Fairy Tale. Be Seduced by a Femme Fatale. Disciplined by a Strict Victorian Governess. Have your neck Bitten by a Wicked Vampire Love Goddess. Be Tied Up and Tortured by a beautiful flame haired Kidnapper. Put under a Magic Spell by an Evil Sorceress. Have your body and spirit Devoured by an Succubus. Or be Caught in the Inescapable Web of a Spider Queen.

As it takes a proper investment of to build up these fantasies and characters the minimum session time is one hour for $60. For those with Vivid and Sexy imaginations I will negotiate a price for a whole evenings play.

Princess Indigo